11/3/17 - 8 days out (Iron Games)

Weight: 119.6 lbs

8 Days Out/ 2 weeks out

Training: Legs - Hamstrings

80 Min Cardio + 15 min Sauna


Update: Today was one of those rough days. I literally cried throughout my workout and it was difficult to get through my workout. Nevertheless, I did it. I reminded myself that the people following my journey were counting on me. I wiped down my tears and finished my leg day strong. It would have been nice to have someone there with me training but unfortunately it was not the case. Truthfully though, I only needed myself. I don't need anyone to push me when I got myself. I can't depend on others. If I really want this I have to freaking go for it. 

I think my blood pressure was a bit low and the fact that this was my 3rd day on a low diet did not help. Tomorrow my carbs will increase before I start peak week anndddddddd I only have to do cardio. So I am excited for that. 

After I finished all of my cardio and training, I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my back. I actually felt great to just go home and put my feet up. Till tomorrow fam!!!

Stephanie Sequeira