12/4/17 - BACK AT IT!! wk3, day 16


Weight: 122.1

Day 16, week 3 Reverse Diet

Weeks out: unknown

Workout: Shoulders

Cardio: 20 minutes HITT


Update: Today was my first day back. Took 6 days off from lifting and boy, does it feel good to be back to my old self! I went and trained with my really good friend Jassy and we hit shoulders together. My workout felt amazing. I felt strong and confident. I am back baby! Even the cardio felt good,  I felt like I could have kept going and going. I am over the moon happy. 

I am not too concern with the small amount of weight that I gained and looking softer. I literally haven't done much of any physical activity in the last 5 days.. which is sooo crazy to think about, but lets see where my body ends up in a week. I will put a comparison picture on Friday!