12/9/17 - Reverse wk3, day 21


Weight: 123.8

Day 21, week 3 Reverse Diet

Weeks out: unknown

Workout: Arms

Cardio: 20 minutes HITT


Update: Yesterday I flew out to Colorado to meet up with head coach Adam Bonilla from team elite physique. We did a whole session where we looked and tested almost everything to determine what I needed to improve on for the upcoming season.

We began by testing my resting metabolic rate (RMR) which is how many calories your body burns at rest. Surprisingly, my body only burnt about 1540 calories which is extremely low for someone at my athletic level. From this section, we determined that I needed to increase my metabolism through an efficient reverse diet. The goal is to bring the calories as high as I can without gaining much body fat.

We then did a full body scan of my body to determine the areas that I needed to work on. The goal is to grow my shoulders, shrink my waist,  shrink my quads, and grow my glutes in the next couple of weeks. 

The last assessment was my training. I wore these special pants that determined how my muscles were being activated during a leg workout. Overall, we noticed that my quads were over powering during every exercise, which is something that I need to minimize. 

Learned so much from this whole assessment and I am ready to see how my body changes within the next couple of months.