12/13/17 - (wk1 day1) PHASE 1 Lean Gain Metabolic Correction


Weight: 122.8

Phase 1 of Lean Gain Metabolic Correction

Week 1, Day 1

Team Elite Physique

Weeks out: 20

Workout: Shoulders and arms

Cardio: 15 minutes HITT



I am currently reverse dieting from my last show The Ferrigno Legacy (Nov 2017). A reverse diet means that I am currently working on putting on some weight/fat for the next couple of weeks. When you do competitions, your goal is to drop to a pretty low fat percentage to be able to see the muscles that you worked so hard for. Nevertheless, it is not healthy to stay at stage weight year round. It is very important for you to go back to maintenance or a surplus to be at a healthy body weight. 

I plan on doing a handful of shows in 2018, about 8 or more. The goal is to step on stage by the beginning of the season (March or April). Between now till the time on stage my goal is to improve my physique by coming in more tight and conditioned. I don't have enough time to do too much growing, so this upcoming year my goal will be to loose as much body fat as I possibly can on my hamstrings and glutes. This is my trouble area and the reason why my placing has not been better at my shows in 2017.

I have improved so much since my first year as a professional. My main concern then was to build my upper body... and in 2017 I brought back exactly that; fuller shoulders, arms, and back. The Feedback in 2017 had been consistent in which the judges wanted lower body fat on my legs. Well fam, I am going to give them smaller legs!!

I will be incorporating new ways of training, doing cardio, and my food intake. My legs have always been an issue but they wont be for long. New philosophies are coming y'alls way and I am so excite to be able to share with you all.

As I mentioned before I am currently on a reverse diet where I am increasing my food intake to be able to slightly increase my body weight to be able to be able to grow my lean muscle mass slightly during the time period that I have. I am currently consuming a maintenance level of calories. That means that I am consuming enough calories to be able to maintain the current weight that I have.  The reason why I am doing this is to be able to effectively increase my calories slowly from here. If you increase your calories up to fast from your maintenance level after doing a show, you risk massive amount of body fat gains. Instead, my goal is to slowly increase my calories to be able to speed up my metabolism and not gain too much fat. As you will be able to tell, my diet stays pretty clean year round and that is because I want to see the best results. You will, however, see me eating some free/untracked meals and even tracked sweets and restaurant meals. I am by no means perfect and I will have my indulgences here and there and even moments of weaknesses, specially during my offseason. I am going to be 100% truthful with you guys on my diaries to basically keep me accountable. Thus, if I have cheesecake and I was not supposed to have a free meal, y'all will be the first ones to know.

So lets dive in further. I am currently doing a carb cycle to help modify my body composition. As I explained before, my problem area is loosing enough fat in my lower extremities. Through my experience and research I have noticed that my body reacts really well to carb cycling during prep. The cycle will be highly consistent with the body part that I will be training that day. My more important muscle groups that I want to focus on growing will have higher carbs and those days that I just care to maintain will incorporate lower carbs. This offseason, I will be incorporating it to my routine. The carb cycle will be composed of high carb, moderate carb and low carb days. I will be tracking my macros daily so my diet and foods that I eat will change constantly. So stay tuned to see new meal ideas. 


You can't expect to follow your diet and then give minimal effort when you hit the weights and the cardio. This offseason I am focusing on really improving my technique and my body connection. Throughout the years I have been able to really build that connection in most parts of my body. A good example is my back, which grows at a exponential rate while only training it once a week. It is really easy to get a pump and build that connection with every single exercise. I can literally feel the muscle ripping during the workouts. This is unfortunately not something I have been able to master with all of my body. In recent time, I have noticed that my legs take a little longer to wake up and start that muscle mind connection. The goal this next couple of weeks is to really develop that mind body connection with certain rep ranges and tempos, mostly a lot of time under tension workouts.

Along with building that mind body connection, my other goals involve to keep increasing the amount of weight that I do on each exercise weekly, restructure my body composition, and making every workout count. The heavier that I am able to go, the more gains I can create. I want to keep adding a bit of size to my upper body and most importantly to my glutes. I am going to do 4 sessions of HITT intervals per week; alot of cycle and running sprints. Lastly, I am going to make sure that I keep giving it my personal 100% for that specific day. 



Got up super late and didnt have my first meal until 11am. Not going to lie, when I first saw the meal plan and how it was set up, I totally thought I was going to be hella hungry just by looking at the program. I soon found out that I was wayyyy wrong!

All of my carbs were set up for the evening, and I am super used to doing it the other way. So once i got to the evening I had no appetite at all. It also didnt help that I went to a wrestling class after eating so much food and having to do a million flips. I was so naceuous that I almost puked the 4 meals that I had eaten. I got home at 11pm, and decided to force myself to eat one more meal. I missed out on 400 calories today. I am kinda mad, but that's ok, tomorrow will be a better day with the food. 

For the training, I really loved my new training.  I am really focusing on contracting my muscles and going as heavy as I can. Super excited to see the changes