12/16/17 - (wk1 day4) PHASE 1 Lean Gain Metabolic Correction

Week 1, Day 1

Team Elite Physique

Weeks out: 20

Phase 1 of Lean Gain Metabolic Correction


Weight: 123.5

Sunday: Rest Day

Calories: 2500


Update: I took these pictures after eating my second meal. I have decided to do two check ins a week. One on Tuesday and the other on Saturday. On Tuesday I will post my flexed/posed physique and on Saturdays I will do unflexed pictures to show you guys how my body is changing at all angles and poses. 

Overall therse past 4 days have been pretty awesome. I have enjoyed eating more and I have been feeling 100%. The last 2 days I ate out at restaurant and brought my scale with me to make sure I was staying on track. Ready to see how my body changes the next couple of weeks. 

Photo was taken after second meal

Photo was taken after second meal