1/5/18 - (w4 day 25) PHASE 1 Lean Gain Metabolic Correction

Week 7 , Day 43

Team Elite Physique

Weeks out: 17

Phase 1 of Lean Gain Metabolic Correction


Weight: 129.1 lbs

waist: 27.5 inches

Glutes: 37.75 inches

Calories: 2000 calories


Update: My weight has been fluctuating alot! Yesterday I was 128. I took Christmas eve and New Years day  as a cheat day. During the time I also had 2 days of tracking my macros. My weight really did spike up and I am hoping it goes back down. I really feel that I messed up by not tracking those 2 cheat meals during the 2 holidays. Nevertheless, it is what it is, I must live on. No changes were made to the diet or training this week.