12/28/17 - (w3 day 17) PHASE 1 Lean Gain Metabolic Correction

Week 3 , Day 17

Team Elite Physique

Weeks out: 18

Phase 1 of Lean Gain Metabolic Correction


Weight: 126.5 lbs

waist: 27 inches

Glutes: 37 inches

Calories: 2500


Update: Feeling stronger! on xmas eve I pretty much had a cheat day and on xmas I tracked my macros the whole day to make sure that I stayed within my calories. I am really happy with my physique. I feel pretty athletic. I hope that my metabolism does start kicking in sooner. My bathroom going has been a bit more regular than last week and only used the husk once since I got it. I am seeing a bit of a pooch developing on my lower abs.