7/18/17 - Reverse wk4


Weight: 122.2

Waist: 25 (-.5)

Hips: 36.5 (-.1)

 Week 4 Reverse Diet


20 minutes walking x4 times a week


Carb and Calorie cycle

1x 3000 calorie cheat day

3x 2110 calorie (Low carb)

2x 2200 calorie (high carb)

1 x rest 1900 calories



Summary of the week:
- This week I went through a fake time of the month after my cheat meal on wednesday (olive garden and Froyo). I think that stimulated my hormones to kick up causing me to get a bit bloated, constipated, and some signs of acne during the next couple of days until today.
- Felt dehydrated the day after my cheat meal and again today after my high carb day. Which i find extremely weird
- I have been traveling like crazy but I still have been able to get all of my meals in exactly from the meal plan given to me by Adam.
- When packing I realized that on Thursday and Friday I had actually been eating more carbs/calories than I was suppoused to. Instead of eating 1 c of veggies, I was eating 1 c of carbs... So I was eating 2270cals and 167c for my low carb day (suppoused to be 132c and 2114cal). So this week I did 2 "moderate days", 3 Low carb, 1 high carb, and 1 rest day diet.
- I am currently saving my cheat meal for sunday since it is my sisters bday and I may have to track macros on saturday because I did not pack enough food.
- I went poop like a normal person.. yay!