8/14/18 - Mini Cut wk1 day 2


Weight: 126

 Body Fat: 17.2%



20 minutes walking x4 times a week


1800 calories moderate carbs

1 x rest 1700 calories

1x cheat meal per week



Summary of the week:
Alright here we go! I was previously on a reverse diet that was going great. Life happened and I ended up traveling like crazy for the whole month of July. Hence, why I have not checked in in the past month. Anyway, I ended up moving to California and taking a food adventure trip essentially. Once I got to Cali I went back to my maintance calories of 2100 and allowed my body to rest up. My body was on the verge of breaking down from the lack of sleep, being in a car, and not properly stretching.

Pretty much all last week the goal was to get back to normal which locally it happened. I begin to eat cleaner foods, gave my body adequate rest, and I even went and got a sports massage. 

After everything had gone back to normal I noticed that my weight plateud at around 126lbs which was a 3-4lbs weight gain from my last check in. So I decided to go on a small mini cut to get things back to normal and allow my physique to get back to being tighter. 

The goal is to give my body 2 weeks to go back to a smaller frame. I may reach that before the end of the 2 weeks. If I do, I will take my calories back up to maintenance earlier. If I don't reach my goal in 2 weeks, that will be a sign that my body wants to stay at that calorie range and I will go to maintenance calories regardless.

I want to be pretty lean and shreddy. However, my body may not want to do that, so I am just going to give it a couple of days to figure it out and then we will move on from there. 

Reverse dieting and putting on muscle is my biggest goal that is why I want to bring everything back to normal and then move on from there.