10/6/18 - Reverse Diet... Here we go again(wk1)


Weight: 132




20 minutes walking x4 times a week


1972 calories moderate carbs

1x cheat meal per week



Alrighty, here we go… again. It has been such a crazy ride these past couple of weeks. After my accident everything kinda went down hill. My stress levels were extremely high, I wasnt able to workout properly, and I just wasnt myself. Luckily, I was able to get my shit together, become happy, and finally let go of the scale… which was causing the biggest stress.

Unfortunately, I did gain some weight… If you go back to August when I first got to California, I was weighing a good 126lbs. Now I am 5-6lbs over that. My reverse was going smooth and then live happen. It felt so out of hand but during that time I was able to find myself and really get to know myself.

Anyway, even though the scale went up, I am pretty happy with how I am looking. I can tell that I have put on a good amount of fat, but it needed to come on regardless. My goal has been to get my hormones back to normal, and that is not something you cannot do with such a lean physique. As crazy as this sounds, the accident was a blessing in disguise.

Do I wish to be leaner?.. well yeah, who doesnt! Nevertheless, if it wasnt for the scale, I would honeslty guess my weight to be alot lower.

So whats the plan? so during the last 2 months, I have been yo-yo dieting. Doing untuitive eating, under eating, having untracked meals, and mini cuts. So now I am ready to get back on the horse. This time around the focus will be to add on some much needed muscle and strength. I will begin a reverse diet to get my calories up as high as I can without putting on body fat. I am not going to attempt to go too crazy high as I did last offseason because I dont want to gain as much body fat as I did then and I also dont want it to compromise my digestive system which is something that I have worked really hard for this past couple of weeks.


  • Increase calories

  • bring up strength

  • maintain body fat

  • look as good as I do now

  • Love my body

As of now Joe is going to help me stay accountable and I plan to keep updating this weekly.. whether it is a “good” or “bad” check in. I want to make sure I document the whole process to stay accountable and true to myself. I am excited to see what the next weeks have in store.