11/30/17 - (Recovery day 3)


Weight: ---

Day 12, week 3 Reverse Diet

Weeks out: unknown

Workout:  rest

Cardio: rest

90 min chiropractic session: Grasten and adjustment


Update: -Feeling really sad/down  for no apparent reason in the AM. I was frustrated because I did not know what was causing me to feel this way. Talked to Adam from Elite Physiques and he  recommended that I increase my calories back up to maintance which is about 2100 calories. I stayed with the same carb cycle routine but increased the calories to the recommended amount.

- Went to the Chiropractor: got grasten done on hams, IT Bands, and right shoulder. He also did some active release, adjustments, and gave me an insert for my foot because of my short leg.

- At the end of the night, I am overalll feeling much better. I do see myself getting a little but fluffier but it doesnt seem like fat. We will see on Friday were my BF percentage it is at.

- I am going to take at least 4 days off. If I am feeling better by the 5th day, i will go back to the gym