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I woke up much tighter today and I am so happy about it. I took PJs advice and stopped thinking about the symptoms and told myself I was fine. It worked! Crazy how the mind works!

As of right now, My ankle is feeling better, icing it everyday. The bottom of the inside of my leg (right on top of my ankle) feels bruised, which might be from the massage therapist really digging in that area. I want to give my ankle time for full recovery. I am bringing down my calories for a couple of days since I won’t be able to do cardio or leg exercises

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OffseasonStephanie Sequeira

Today: 137.3

Last Friday: 137.7

Feeling a bit softer than usual today even though my weight slightly dropped. I think it has to do from having too large of a cheat me lol. Saturday I had a huge burger, fries, and froyo. I could have literally stopped after the burger but I wanted to “go for it”, my weight only went up a pound after the cheat meal and then it slowly went back down.

My left ankle started to act up and got swollen yesterday during legs and then my whole leg started to tighten up.

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OffseasonStephanie Sequeira

Since last Saturday my weight has been going up (pre-period indices). I twisted my ankle at the dog park on Saturday so I stayed off of cardio and legs for most of the week. When I usually do 3 days of legs, I have only done 1, and I started cardio back up on Tuesday. I took my rest day on Wednesday.

CARDIO: tues- 30 min incline walk{IW}, thurs- 40 min (10min HITT, 30 min IW), Fri- 30 min incline walk.

FOOD: I have been back on macros since Tuesday. I did 2 cheat meals and 1 day where I just loosely tracked(sat-Monday). Since Monday I have definitely been consuming way more salt. I have also noticed that I have been eating more rotisserie chicken than usual.

OTHER: I started spotting today (period) which explains the incremental weight gain and the stomach pooch even after going back on track. To be honest I am not doing anything too far off from last week or any of the other weeks that would cause the 3lb increase. I am certain is the time of the month, which I hope comes down becuAuse this will be my second time in a row (woot woot!). As I stated in the email, I hadn’t had my period since last March until last month. Anywho, now that my ankle is feeling 100% I am back to doing cardio and legs. Lastly, I went to the chiro yesterday to get adjusted and get active release done on my glutes and trap area.

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Feeling really good about my change since September. I have put on so much muscle in my upper body. I think one thing that really helped was getting grasten and adjusted once a week for 5 weeks straight. I may have to consider doing that for my glutes and hamstrings so that they keep growing

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