Weight: 137.7 lbs

Last check-in: 134.5 lbs



Since last Saturday my weight has been going up (pre-period indices). I twisted my ankle at the dog park on Saturday so I stayed off of cardio and legs for most of the week. When I usually do 3 days of legs, I have only done 1, and I started cardio back up on Tuesday. I took my rest day on Wednesday.

CARDIO: tues- 30 min incline walk{IW}, thurs- 40 min (10min HITT, 30 min IW), Fri- 30 min incline walk.

FOOD: I have been back on macros since Tuesday. I did 2 cheat meals and 1 day where I just loosely tracked(sat-Monday). Since Monday I have definitely been consuming way more salt. I have also noticed that I have been eating more rotisserie chicken than usual.

OTHER: I started spotting today (period) which explains the incremental weight gain and the stomach pooch even after going back on track. To be honest I am not doing anything too far off from last week or any of the other weeks that would cause the 3lb increase. I am certain is the time of the month, which I hope comes down becuAuse this will be my second time in a row (woot woot!). As I stated in the email, I hadn’t had my period since last March until last month. Anywho, now that my ankle is feeling 100% I am back to doing cardio and legs. Lastly, I went to the chiro yesterday to get adjusted and get active release done on my glutes and trap area.