Saturday 12/22/2018

Weight: 140.0 lbs

Last check-in: 137.7 lbs

Currently on my 4th day of my period and I had a cheat meal yesterday. My 2nd day of my period was AWFUL! I was so emotional it wasn’t even funny. Luckily the emotions only lasted one day because it was bad lol

My ankle is feeling 100% and I was able to do legs yesterday for the first time in 15 days and it felt amazing. I did your workout and it was great. I am glad I am able to give it 100% because my glutes/hamstrings have really been getting fatty. The pictures really show how bad it has gotten. I am excited to get that area tight again.

- I want to get your advice on training. I am planning on at least hitting legs 2-3 times a week at least. What are your thoughts on incorporating plyos during my exercises or for my cardio?

I have my family over in California until Christmas and we are doing a lot of walking. My plan is to try to stay as close as I can with my macros as possible.

OffseasonStephanie Sequeira