Saturday 1/11/2019

Weight: 140.0 lbs

Last check-in: 1/5/2018 140.0 lbs

I have a new ring light that I will be using for my check ins that way they are always consistent despite the lighting outside.

I may be PMS’ing or ovulating, don’t know how to distinguish each one in my body. all I know is that I was very hormonal the other day, felt pretty tired, a bit constipated, some acne, and my weight fluctuates this week.

I got as low as 139.1 and then it slowly crept back up. I might just need to go down in calories as well lol

I did 40 mins of cardio everyday: a mixture of the stairs and incline walking.

Wasn’t feeling too hot yesterday but made sure to push through with what I could. Everything felt pretty heavy which was annoying but what really matters is giving it that days 100%.

OffseasonStephanie Sequeira