Saturday 1/190/2019

Weight: 135.9 lbs

Last check-in: 1/11/2018 140.0 lbs

Today I woke up super soft ahh!! I had the biggest pumps all yesterday and was hoping to get them today for my check ins buttttt my body decided to do other wise lol.

After we texted on Thursday, my energy literally plummeted where I had to lay down. It was probably a combination of working hard all week and being sick. Nevertheless I pushed through, went to the gym, got my workout and cardio done even though I kinda dragged through it.

Yesterday was high carb day and I felt amazing! My body was high in energy and felt the best it had all week. I killed my leg session and cardio and the PUMPs were real!! I looked like a beast walking around the gym. I’m sure once I start working out again, I will get the pump back... hopefully.

Super excited with the weight drop and see how next week goes!

Once again, thanks for taking me on and believing in me ♥

OffseasonStephanie Sequeira