Saturday 2/23/2019

Weight: 132.8lbs

We switched moderate macros and brought down cardio to 35mjns. This is the lowest my weight has been all week, Thursday and Friday went as high as 134lbs. My period was supposed to come down the 22nd and it hasn’t it come down yet, hopefully it does come down within the next couple of days, which should explain the increase in weight. I feel like I look leaner but holding on to some extra water weight on my lower tummy and legs


Last check-in:

Sunday 2/17/2019

Weight: 131.2 lbs

My physique is looking bomnbbb 💣 despite the weight not reflecting that.

I had the Vday cheat meal on Thursday and OMG it brought me back to life!! I had a burger and fries. Prior to the cheat meal I was starting to get pretty weak and my pooping was all over the place. After the cheat I was like Jesus on Easter morning. I was able to kill my lifts and cardio. I have also been able to poop more regular as well which has been nice. Lastly my physique is also looking tighter.

I am traveling to Florida tomorrow evening