Tuesday 3/19/2019

Weight: 12.1.8lbs

Sorry for the 🐟 face lol

So today I woke up earlier than usual and I’m using a different scale from what I had been using.

My body is feeling a bit tired but I’m pushing through. Feeling tiny :)

let me know what you think of the pics and progress


Last check-in:

Monday 3/11/2019

Weight: 132.4 lbs

Not to shabby for being off my diet for 3 days. Went up about 2lbs... which I feel like will come down in no time.

Soooo ready let’s go!!

High day : Pro- 120g C -200 F - 15

Low day: Pro- 150g C-50 F- 30

Start low tomorrow and go low 3 days. Then Thursday HI and then we will go for 2 low days before the high again.

PrepStephanie Sequeira