Monday 4/8/2019

Weight: 126.9

Last Friday: 126.7

Last Tuesday: 127.4

In the past my body has always been stubborn with the 126s... I likes to hang on for dear life 😂. I do feel tinier though which is good. I had a few blood spots yesterday too but now it’s gone.

My weight was Friday(H): 126.7, Saturday(L): 126.7, Sunday (L): 127.2, Monday (H): 126.9


Last Check-in:

Monday 3/23/2019

Weight: 127.9 lbs

11 weeksout

This week has been pretty rough. I have been having a huge fatigue while working out. I was lucky enough to have my gym partner here in Jax who has been helping me push on some of the workouts. The other workouts that I did on my own I still got everything done and still pushed myself through the dizziness. All of my 45 mins of cardio have been done and I did intervals/ss interchangeably. Not sure if my fatigue and tiredness is due to stress, maybe I’m not sleeping enough, or something else. I’m ready to keep killing it though!! So whatever you bring to me, I’m ready!