03/07/18 - (w1 day2) - 1st week of prep :)

Week 1 , Day 2

Team Elite Physique

Weeks out: 9

Prep Spring 2018


Weight: 134 lbs

waist: 26.75 inches

Glutes: 38.25 inches

Calories: 2500

Update: PREP BEGINS!! Had a fun time last 2 weeks including foods out of my diet. I had pizza, chinese food, pasta, mac & Cheese, wings, cake, ice cream, and more without affecting my body exponantially. Happy with the progress I have made during offseason and I am ready to kick it full speed for my prep. I cant belive I am only 8 weeks out from my first show of the season. Not going to lie, I am a bit nervous since I have never had this much food to start off with or had this short of a prep at this weight. It's interesting though because I actaully look leaner than I have looked in the past at this same weight. F*ing crazy! I am just truly excited to see how I come in!


today vs 8 weeks ago

today vs 8 weeks ago

today vs. 8 weeks ago

today vs. 8 weeks ago