03/13/18 - (w2 day1) - 2nd things are getting serious

Week 2 , Day 1

Team Elite Physique

Weeks out: 8

Prep Spring 2018


Weight: 133.6 lbs (-.06lbs)

waist: 26.5 inches (-.25in)

Glutes: 38.75 inches (+.5)

Calories: 2500 (2 days), 2000 (5 days)

Update: I messed up on Sunday, I accidentaly ate some straberries thinking that I could have them. I also ate steak instead of salmon since there was no unmarinated steaks at Longhorn. I started the Cobra 6p fat burner on Sunday and I have been having amazing poops. I also started wearing the waist trainer for a couple of hours everyday which I think has also really helped with my digestion issues. Not going to lie, being this heavy at 7 weeks out scares me. Nevertheless, Adam re assured me that we would make this show without a problem. He is planning on cutting me hard and says that my weight will drop. I have done "hard drops" in the past and honestly this does not compare at all, this seems easier than eating 1300 calories and 60 minutes of cardio to start. Any who, I am excited to see how this drop in calories affects me and the addition of an extra day of cardio. Since I have such a hard time sweating, I am planning on decreasing my rest times a bit and wearing products that make me sweat like a mother effer. I am goign to the Olympia and I will bring a winning physique to every single show I do this year.