04/2/18 - (w5) - Weeksout 5

Week 5 

Team Elite Physique

Weeks out: 5

Prep Spring 2018


Weight: 130.3 lbs (-1 lbs)


  • 26.5 inches ( same as last week)
  • 66 cm (-1cm)


  • 38 inches (-.75)
  • 96 cm(-0.5)


- 2 day High Cal (1791)
- 4 days Low Cal (1455)
- Rest Day Low cal (1581)

Cardio: 23 mins x 6 days a week


1. So this past week was kinda weird. Monday and Tuesday I had an extreme lower left quadrant abdominal pain, I ended up going to the doctors on Tuesday and after a urine test she found blood in my urine. She said I could have a UTI and kidney stones. I have been taking an antibiotic since last Tuesday and I will be done with it tomorrow. I haven't had abdominal pain since Wednesday 🙌🏼
2. I had a grasten treatment done on my glutes and hammies and an adjustment at the chiro on Wednesday
3. Even through the pain on Monday and Tuesday were pretty strong. Luckily when I lifted the pain would kinda go away... I killed my cardio and training every single day
4. Today is supposed to be my 5th day doing 23mins of cardio this week but I am checking in a day earlier
5. I was having some emotional times at the gym... thought I was hangry but it turns out it was the preworkout giving me anxiety... sad face 6. Feeling really good and really lean. Talking to you the other day just lifted this immense weight of my shoulders


PrepStephanie Sequeira