05/1/18 - (w9) - 3 days out (PEAK WEEK)

Week 9 

Team Elite Physique

Weeks out: 0

Days out: 3

Pittsburgh Pro

Prep Spring 2018


Weight: 122 lbs (-3.4 lbs)


  • 24.5 inches (-.5)


  • 37 inches (-.5)


Depletion day 3 ( Calories: 1222)


  • 35 mins x 6 days a week HITT 
  • 15 mins x2 days a week Steady State


I am literally dying but pushing through fam. This has probably been the hardest peak week I have done in a while. The low calories are really getting to me and I am ready to come back to life. 

I am happy to see my body tightening up. I have to remember that Adam's way is a bit different than what I am used to. He is trying to also bring me softer and fuller than I have in the past. We will see how this turns out. 

I am happy to see how tiny my waist is though! I do feel like my physique is looking the best it has looked all prep. And my butt is looking fire too on that front pose. Overall happy to see the improvements that I have made during my offseason.