04/29/18 - (w9) - 5 days out (PEAK WEEK)

Week 9 

Team Elite Physique

Weeks out: 0

Days out: 5

Pittsburgh Pro

Prep Spring 2018


Weight: 124.3 lbs


Depletion day 1 ( Calories: 1222)


  • 35 mins x 6 days a week HITT 
  • 15 mins x2 days a week Steady State


So it begins!! Today I start my peak week plan. Based on the program I know that the depletion diet (Sunday-Tuesday) are going to be the toughest since my calories will be at an all time low and my carbs will also be super low (19g c)... I am already feeling pretty burned out but I am excited to see how far I will get by the end of the week. To be completely honest, I am not feeling my best appearance wise at the start of this peak week. I feel very very soft. I am used to feeling a lot shreddier at this point. Adam's technique is a bit different than what I am used to, he is trying to run me soft throughout the week and then tighten me up... I believe it is going to work, it is just weird doing it differently.

I hope I do get tighter sooner lol, as I walk around the gym I am actually embarrassed when I tell people that I am on peak week. But i have decided to change my mindset and just keep grinding and stay positive.

Dont get me wrong, I like what I see in these pictures. I feel like I look almost stage ready. I am just not seeing that in the mirror.  



PrepStephanie Sequeira