05/3/18 - (w9) - 1 day out (PEAK WEEK)

Week 9 

Team Elite Physique

Weeks out: 0

Days out: 1

Pittsburgh Pro

Prep Spring 2018



  • 35 mins x 6 days a week HITT 
  • 15 mins x2 days a week Steady State

Training: upper body workout


Alright guys here go, one more day until the time of the show. I am feeling anxious yet excited. If things go according to plan, I should look even better by tomorrow. The goal is to tighten this package a tad more with diuretics (xpel) and with the extra carbs.

I am a little bummed out that coach could not make it out the show as he planned to. I had mixed feelings about it, thinking that he did not come because he was not proud of my package or sometihng. DANGGGG, your brain can seriously play some fucking games.., Talked to him and he reassured me of my package. 

I do not tan today, they are doing something weird where they are tanning us on the morning of the show and then again a couple of hours later. The show does not start till like 5pm so I predict I will not be on stage until 7pm. So we will see how this goes. The good thing about these night shows is that I get to sleep in. So I wont be waking up until like 10 or 11 am lol.  Full itinerary on the next post. 


As soon as I arrived to Pittsburgh, I went and met up with Jim Manion at his gym to do a video shoot. It was pretty cool to see all other competitors. After I was done with the shoot (which took like 3 hours), Joe and I went to the hotel and chilled for a bit, got my last cardio session done, and then finish chilling for the rest of the night.  

The pictures taken, were taken when I arrived to the hotel around 4pm