05/4/18 - (w9) - Show day- Prejudging

Week 9 

Team Elite Physique

Weeks out: 0

Days out: 0


Pittsburgh Pro

Prep Spring 2018



Body did not react how I expected. I woke up looking really soft and after talking to coach he reassured me that it would tighten back up with the diuretics and the carbs. I know in the past, my body has not liked diuretics or too many carbs come show day, but I was hopeful that since it was a night show and I was barely eating or drinking water my body would react well. 

I went got my tan and make up done, went to the hotel and chilled, then went to the athletes meeting (3pm), and then headed over to get my hair done (4pm) before prejudging (5pm). My body just kept getting puffier and puffier as the day went by.

Once I got backstage, I ate a rice cake and 2 tbsp of honey and tried to pump up. As much as I wanted to, my body did not want to catch a pump, I looked extremely soft and the tiny little waist that I had all week was pretty much gone. Since I was not lean enough for the show, my body absorbed the pump up meal right into my fat cells instead of my muscles. I was honestly not pleased with the way I looked and it honestly showed on stage. I did not have the usual confident posing routine that I usually have... It looked very unconfident.  To add, the humidity complete killed my hair and it made it drop like crazy and looked like a birds nest on stage. 

I ended up in the second to last call outs... I was disappointed! Not because I did not place but because of how my body looked. Every girl that placed was really lean and I was honestly not, I looked too thick and I honestly needed to loose a couple of pounds before stepping on stage. It was very embarrassing but you live and you learn. 

After prejudging, Joe and I went to the cheesecake factory and shared a salad entree and my favorite entree, the lemon herb chicken... yes, my favorite dish is chicken, mash potatoes, and carrots lol

Things that I learned from this prep:

- Rushing to do a show is never the best

- Trust your intuition! I knew way far out that I was not going to make it but trusted the process. Unfortunately, I was right

- Have a better communication with coach. Sometimes it gets hard to speak my mind and not sound like a baby, but if one has concerns, one must speak

- Keto does not work well for me. I literally only lost mostly water weight and some fat.

- A moderate diet or a high carb diet is ideal for me

- Straight hair for show day from now on

- Honey is not my friend, it makes me spill over