05/9/18 - 2 weeksout from Dennis James


Team Elite Physique

Weeks out: 2

Days out: 17


Dennis James Classic

Prep Spring 2018


WEIGHT: 126.9

CARDIO: 30mins HIIT x5 days


- 2 day High Cal (2158)
- 4 days Low Cal (1842)
- Rest Day Low cal (1485)


Feeling like a million bucks! I went back on my diet this Monday and have been feeling amazing. I have actually been pooping which is something that didn't happen at all for the past 3 weeks. Energy levels are high and I'm destroying my cardio and training sessions. I am looking athletic AF, getting awesome pumps, and feeling so energetic where I want to do extra. I know this is going to be short lived but I'm excited for the next challenge. After my show I decided to add in some runs which felt amazing and they really help me clear my mind. I know it is not ideal for our goals, so those where just extra on top of the cardio that you want me to do this week. As of right now I am a bit concerned, I am sitting at 127 and I got as low as 122 for the show, which means that I lost about 6lbs of fat (start weight 133) and about 5lbs of water. My physique in the past has looked its best at around 120lbs before water depletion. I plan to loose another 5-6 lbs of fat (not including water) in the next couple of days before the show