02/27/18 - (w12 day78) - Last week offseason

Week 12 , Day 78

Team Elite Physique

Weeks out: 9

Phase 1 of Lean Gain Metabolic Correction


Weight: 133.3 lbs

waist: 26.5 inches

Glutes: 38.5 inches

Calories: 3400

Update: I have been having the best poops since my increase in calories. Adam wanted to test out my metabolism for this last week so he included an 800 calorie cheat meal every day this week (except for sunday). It is crazy how my body has been able to accept these foods (pasta, wings, pizza) without a concequence. I would have never thought I could have been that girl that could eat 3000 calories, over 300g of carbs, a concervitive cheat meal each night, and not gain a crazy amount of weight. I am so happy that I met Adam and that he has been able to fix my metabolism and bring it up the level that it is at now. My energy levels are at it's highest where I can honestly run a marathon if I wanted to. I am stocked about all the gains that I have made in the last couple of weeks.

Adam pushed my calories even higher and made my end of the day 1k calories. 

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