2/20/18 - (w11 day71) - Offseason almost over

Week 11 , Day 71

Team Elite Physique

Weeks out: 10

Phase 1 of Lean Gain Metabolic Correction


Weight: 133.2 lbs

waist: 26.5 inches

Glutes: 37.5 inches

Calories: 3100

Update: Adam was happy with my physique even after going on the trip and doing intuitive eating. He increased my food by 1000 calories (2k-3k) and decreased my cardio to 15 minsx4. He wants me to start doing more intuitive days before I start prep. He believes that I will burn out if I dont do so. He also belives that my metabolism has reached a high enough level where I can get away with it and be successful. I feel like it is going to be tough for my mind to get used to it but I am going to be successful. My goal is to get to the level of Julia so i can eat whatever I want and not gain fat


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