2/14/18 - (w10 day65) - Mini Cut week 2

Week 10 , Day 65

Team Elite Physique

Weeks out: 13

Phase 1 of Lean Gain Metabolic Correction


Weight: 133.2 lbs

waist: 27 inches

Glutes: 38.2 inches

Calories: 2034

Update: Going to the Olympia South America with Blackstone Labs. Coach has decided to put me on a cut for this event and then go back to a bulk when I return. 

Ever since I started with Adam I have gained about 8.6lbs, surprisingly, my waist has stayed about the same size... which is crazy! Any who, I have gone up in weight and obviously not all of that has been muscle, in fact, a larger percent was fat. So the plan is to do an aggressive cut to eliminate the fat that i have gained in the past 8 weeks and conserve the muscle mass that I have. This way I can keep growing with most of the gains going to my muscles instead of my fat when I go back on the bulk. 

Adam claims that I should have better conditioning than I did on the first week of starting this bulk and I should look close to stage weight. I am excited to see how his methods and theories come into play. I have never done a 2 week cut within an offseason, so I am excited to see and compare the progress. 


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