Competition Prep

As an IFBB Pro with 10 shows and 6 years training experience, you will get a level of dedication and skill that is unmatched.  I will give you my time and devotion and ensure you get to your results faster than with anyone else.  You will stay in constant contact with me 24/7 whenever you need assistance with you diet, training, or prep specific questions.  Competition prep is a test of will power like no other, however it comes with the best rewards and a superior level of satisfaction.  If you stay true and don't give up, we will work towards your goals together!


Want to take your physique into a whole different level? Because Competitions Preparation is a whole different animal, I only take  serious individuals who are willing to work hard and put in a 100% in effort. The coaching plans are a highly accountable and monitored to create the best results. The coaching is an open and constant relationship between the client and the coach. Competition preps can vary from anywhere between 8 weeks to 20 weeks depending on the individuals progress and competition time proximity. The plans are individually created to fit the needs of the athlete as they approach the show date. 

I strive to have the best relationship possible with each and every single one of my athletes. When you are coached by me, we will schedule a mandatory weekly call check-in. That way I can better access the situation, make changes, and you can ask me any questions that you may have. Along with the weekly check in calls, you will also have full access to me via text, email, or call for anytime support. I believe that a coach-athlete relationship is crucial for the success of the athlete and constant communication is super important.


  • Training program customized to fit goals and competition timeline

    • Weight lifting regimen

    • Complete diet and nutritional program to fit goals and competition timeline

    • List of recommended supplements

    • Cardio Regimen

    •  24/7 access to me via text, email, call

    • Weekly photo and weight check-ins

    • Weekly Phone/FaceTime/Skype check-ins

    • Weekly plan adjustment based on needs

    • Support for selection of show, tanning service, bikini, shoes, jewelry, and hair & make-up. 

    • Posing classes in person (depending on availability) or Skype

    • Complete programming for the week leading up the show and show day (Peak Week)

    • Full communication on the day of the show

    • Reverse diet programming

    • Site membership access Sold Separately

Purchase Options

Posing Sessions:

When it comes to competing, an athletes stage presence is just as important as the physique that they are bringing to the stage. I have witnessed many athletes miss out on placement due to their lack of posing skills. It is crucial that every bikini competitor steps on that stage knowing exactly what to expect and how to perform to best show case their hard work. Each individual needs their own routine to be tailored to their physiques and personality. My posing 1-on-1 sessions will give you the edge that you need to not be overlooked by the judges. 


  • 45 minute class duration

    • Complete posing routine with detailed explanation: posing, walk, and stage presentation

    • Tips on how to stand out

    • Answers to any questions regarding show day 

    • Support for selection bikini, shoes, jewelry, and hair & make-up. 

    • In person (Chino HIlls, CA, South Florida, & Jacksonville,FL areas) or Skype/FaceTime

Once you purchase the session(s) you will be contacted through email/text/call to set up your posing class within 24 hours. 

Please read our full Terms of Use, Cancellation, & Refunds Policy prior to making your purchase, thank you.