City Athletic Club



Sun:   8 AM - 10 PM

Mon:  5 AM - 12 AM

Tue:   5 AM - 12 AM

Wed:  5 AM - 12 AM PM

Thu:  5 AM - 12 AM

Fri:     5 AM - 12 AM

Sat:    8 AM - 10 PM



7980 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117



 (702) 675-3900



My Review

During my trip to the 2017 Olympia, I came over to the one and only City Athletic Club. This is the gym to go to when in Vegas according to the locals. It is a bit of a drive from the strip but it was worth it. During the weekend of the Olympia, a good amount of celebrity figures were at this gym, In one instance, I actually got to meet The Rock, which was soooo darn cool, I am not sure how this gym compares during a regular day, but on the days that I went there were many bodybuilders which gave the gym a super energetic vibe. It wasn't too crowded when I was there, so I have a feeling tha tthis gym is not crowded at all during the normal year (not sure though). 

If you are in Vegas, and looking for a gym to hit up, I would recommend it.


  • All of the machines that you will need

  • Celebrity apperances

  • 2 stories and pretty spacious


  • It's too dark for my liking, but maybe some enjoy it.