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This is regarding the Nutrition in Medicine Seminar I went to yesterday. These are just my initial thoughts. I haven’t had the time to review the actual literature presented yet.

It really upsets me how many physicians I've listened to so far in medical school in the extracurricular lectures I've gone to so far. They are taught in a Whole Food/ Plant Based approach. AKA Veganism. I feel I feel like I am sitting in on a cult meeting. 4/4 of them go something like, "Casein is bad for you, so I'm gunna generalize that to all animal protein. Become a vegan." That IS NOT how science works. Casein is bad for you. agreed. proven. so don't drink milk or eat cheese, ice cream etc. I also agree that meat that is produced in america with hormones and antibiotics and preservatives is bad for you. So unless you get it really really local and pasture raised in areas with out pollution (unlikely) yah meat might be bad for you. But that isn't the same as saying actual meat is the problem. Nitrates and other added chemicals are bad for you. Obviously Plant Based diets will improve mortality/morbidity compared to the processed shitty standard american diet. Those are the 2 arguments i feel like. Casein is bad for you, and Plants are better for you than Standard american diets. What vegan doctors pretend it means: Meat is bad for you. Only eat plants. What that actually means logically: Milk is bad for you. Don't drink it. Don't eat poptarts and chips. What you should actually do: Eat as many plants as you can. Don't eat poptarts, chips or anything in a bag from the store basically. Don't drink milk/eat milk products. Only eat meat from quality sources. Yes its expensive but that is because that is the kind you should be eating (and market price/demand forces). It wouldn't hurt to minimize meat consumption for the average person because the average person doesn't have physical and/or financial access to quality meat.

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Warm up
Full rom lateral raises
Rear delt fb with pause

Arnold db press 4.2.1
Mild pain throughout exercise

Incline isolateral 4.2.1
8 extreme pain in rotate cuff. Supraspinatus whole muscle. And infraspinatus by insertion.
4 pain stopped me

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