➢ Abs, 3 exercises, no obliques or weighted abs, 4x20reps

1.Close grip Seated Machine Row (4 sets: 20 reps)

2.Close grip lat pull down (4 sets: 20 reps)

3.High Row – Isolateral (4 sets: 20 reps)

4.Bent over BB Row (4 sets: 16 reps)

5.Seated Close Grip Rows – Cable (4 sets: 30 reps)

6.Alternating DB curls (4 sets: 16 reps)


2 separate sessions:

1. 60 mins of incline walk

2. 60 mins of incline walk

1) Exercise: Sets x Reps (Tempo- Eccentric.Isometric Stretch.concentric.Isometric Squeeze)
2) Exercise: Reps for Set1,Reps for Set2,Reps for Set3....etc (Tempo- Eccentric.Isometric Stretch.concentric.Isometric Squeeze)

If you have questions about my workout structure or tempos, check out Latest Lift.

For Questions about my macros, go to the Food Journal page.

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