Hamstrings 4/21/2019


  1. Seated Hamstring curls 5x12 superset with pull throughs (focus on stretching the glutes not lifting with them)

  2. Seated Hamstring curls single leg, 12 each leg, with standing bodyweight lunges 12 each leg. Do left leg curls, then left leg lung, then do right leg curls right leg lung. Then repeat 4 sets

  3. Laying hamstring curls. Single leg alternate sides. 16 drop12 drop 8. Dont go tooo heavy. Do each leg 3 sets without stopping. Good form. Not tooo heavy.

  4. Laying ham curl both legs 2 sets 50

  5. 4 sets of in place jump squats. 30 seconds as many as possible in 30 seconds. (Go longer if u need too, not sure on your conditioning or how much your right glutes will let u do these) go for speed and high number. Not depth

  6. Some kind of glute kick back, i.e. with cable machine. Light. Just go for form, 4x12


45 min: stairs

1) Exercise: Sets x Reps (Tempo- Eccentric.Isometric Stretch.concentric.Isometric Squeeze)
2) Exercise: Reps for Set1,Reps for Set2,Reps for Set3....etc (Tempo- Eccentric.Isometric Stretch.concentric.Isometric Squeeze)

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