Legs 4/30/2019

Heavy Legs

1. Abductors 4x30

2. DB Stiff leg deadlifts 4x8

3. Smith machine curtsey lunges 4x 10 superset with plié squats 4x20

4. Laying hamstring curls 4x16,12,10,8 superset with pull throughs 4x20 superset with hanging leg raises 4x20

5. Reverse hack squats 3x12

6. Weighted walking lunges 4x30 each leg

7. Seated hamstring curls 4x20

8. Shoulder raises 3 sets, a-d is continous

a. Behind the body (10)

b. Next to the body (10)

c. In front of the body (10)

d. Upright rows (10)


45 min: Incline Walk

1) Exercise: Sets x Reps (Tempo- Eccentric.Isometric Stretch.concentric.Isometric Squeeze)
2) Exercise: Reps for Set1,Reps for Set2,Reps for Set3....etc (Tempo- Eccentric.Isometric Stretch.concentric.Isometric Squeeze)

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