Glutes 5/3/2019


1.Abductor Machine (4 sets: x 50 reps) no rest

•superset with single leg pause squat holding in the deepest you can, do only one leg

2.Squats Barbell (4 sets: 20 reps)

3.Double Leg Glute Kickback - Smith (4 sets: 16 reps)

4.Stiff Leg Deadlifts (4 sets: 20 reps)

5.Seated Leg Curls (4 sets: 16)

6.Modified/Banded Abductors – Machine (4 sets: 20 reps)


45 min: Incline Walk

1) Exercise: Sets x Reps (Tempo- Eccentric.Isometric Stretch.concentric.Isometric Squeeze)
2) Exercise: Reps for Set1,Reps for Set2,Reps for Set3....etc (Tempo- Eccentric.Isometric Stretch.concentric.Isometric Squeeze)

If you have questions about my workout structure or tempos, check out Latest Lift.

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