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Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a professional bikini competitor? What they eat and how they workout? And how YOU can use their knowledge to help take your fitness to the next level whether you are a competitor or someone just trying to get in the best shape of their life?

The answer to these questions lie within the MEMBERS AREA of TheAbChick.

Inside the MEMBERS AREA you will find EVERYTHING from my daily food intake and workouts to my in depth knowledge about training, nutrition, and psychology.

AND all of the content below.

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In this area you will find out exactly what I am doing when it comes to my training, cardio, supplementation, nutrition, my check ins (weight & pictures) and my daily thoughts. You will guys will experience my whole transformation from the very beginning to the day that I step on stage. From high amounts of cardio to low amounts of foods... NO FILTERS, NO BULLSHIT!

My full daily workout that includes my workouts, my reps, my sets. You can also find my weekly training split. Notice that I will only update my program from the previous day and will updated every night. Make sure you save your favorite workouts by screenshoting the workout.

In this area you will find every check in that I have had with my coach during this prep. As I get closer to the show, the frequency of the check-ins increases. Expect to see a new update every week through the day of the show. I will even keep record of how my body looks after the show and how I plan to conquer my reverse.

My latest posts of my meals. I will provide the exact foods, the exact measurements, and the exact split of my meals.
Everything that you need to know about nutrition can be found in this section.
Introduction to Nutrition: simplified understanding of calories, macronutrients, and more
How to calculate your macros and track your meals Grocery list
Psychology behind successful dieters

See how I perform different exercises. Basic to creative. Beginner to Advanced. Everything In Between.

I answer Burning Questions about Diet, Training, Competing, and more!

Breakdown of my experience at all of the Nations Top Gyms (Assuming I've visited them). Comes with Video review, Floor Plan, equipment list, video tour, and more!

I like to stick with my macros as close as possible when I go out to eat at restaurants.
In this section I provide you with many of my favorite restaurants and their individual Nutritional Information.
I have also taken it a step further and selected a recommended meal for each one of those restaurants.

Behold, all of the best recipes to cook your food clean without sacrificing taste. This is a library of 25+ recipes and growing.
Here you will find ideas of meals to make at home with their ingredients and macros.
Chicken always turning out dry? Ready to try a new recipes. You have come to the right place.

Get a firm understanding of Anatomy, Physiology, and the chemistry behind nutrition. Use this knowledge to improve your workout technique and productivity.
Prep Science: Occasionally Steph or I Will dive into the literature. When I do, I make sure to bring you the Cliff Notes, so you can start applying the information in your training ASAP

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