Training & Nutrition Coaching

I am very passionate about what I do.  It is not always easy to make the commitment to begin eating and living in a more healthy manner.  I feel that with every person I train, I am helping someone do something they also care about.  

I will conduct initial fitness assesments, and then give you personalized workout routines and meal plans.  If you follow these plans precisely, you will see great results in no time!  

If you are new to fitness, that is perfectly fine!  Sign up and you will not only get the meal prep and workout routines, but I will help coach you through personal contact so you will be able to text me and ask for advice any day of the week.  If you like to vary your meals and workouts often, this is a great option for you!

We want all our clients to know we appreciate that they have entrusted us with becoming a part of their journey. Whether that might be just putting 10 more pounds on their bench max, or getting 10 more pounds off their mid-section, it is my honor to help you!

  • Personal Training

  • Workout Plans

  • Nutrition Plans, Menus, Macro Tracking Plans

  • Combination Packages


Prices and Packages

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Think you got what it takes to keep up with The Ab Chick? This is a 3 hour session that will cover everything for the specific body type that you are most interested in. Stephanie will take you through the workout and teach you her techniques and proper form for each exercise.  This will be one of Stephanie's actual training sessions so you will experience exactly how a pro athlete trains on a day to day basis. You will have the opportunity to ask her specific questions about training, cardio, nutrition, and any other questions that you may be dying to know. 

Training Services are available all over the country. Please Inquire for more information about Stephanie's location and availability.  

Please read our full Terms of Use, Cancellation, & Refunds Policy prior to making your purchase, thank you.