Winter 8-Week Transformation Program

Winter 8-Week Transformation Program


It is time to break out those parkas and throw on them 45 plates; IT’s TIME TO GET SHREDDDDDED! JACKED! SWOLE! LEAN! CUT for the new year!

Wanting to take your physique to the next level? Not a problem, the transformation program is detailed to you and your needs*.

This program has all the reps and sets you need to build some serious strength this winter. Of course, the detail is in the diet, and you can really tailor this to your own goals, just make sure to tell me in the survey and submit your pictures (Front, side, back). No mirror selfies either, set that timer or take a video and screenshot!

You will receive an 8 week training program with 4 different phases and an individualized nutrition program based on your personal macros. That is right folks, not one diet will be the same. The diet will be based on your goals, needs, and individual characteristics.

The program will include the following: 

  • 8 week Training Program (male and female option)

  • Personal Diet Based On Macros ( Flexible dieting and constructed meal plan options)

  • Supplement Recommendation

  • Email Support

  • Fat Shred

  • Ab Development

  • Glute Builder

  • Muscle Gain

  • Male or Female

Once you sign up for the program, submit your pictures, and fill out the survey. Your program will be emailed to you within 36-48 hours of sending in pictures.

This program does NOT include Site Membership Access or weekly Check ins

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Want to get shreddy? Build extra lean muscle? Increase your metabolism? Have ripped abs? Loose the extra body fat? 
I have helped hundreds of people reach their fitness goals, change their old habits, and live a healthier lifestyle.


Does NOT include Site Membership Access, weekly check ins, or modifications to the program

*This is a one time program that will last you 8 weeks