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The Med Dude

Get your PhD. in Gym Education. Every week you will get a new class update and the library of information will grow. 

Hi, My name is Joseph Migliore, and I am a medical student in SoCal set to graduate in 2022. I have a Masters in Medical Science in 2015 and 2 years experience teaching anatomy and physiology (2016-2018) at the college & medical school level. Also, I'm a nerd. Hang in there, and I'll make sure you are up to date in all of the latest info! 

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@ProjectJoey @TheMedDude

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Prep Science Class

Stephanie and I analyze and dive into research articles on topics such as fasted cardio, dietary supplements, weight loss and more. We discuss how they work and when you should or shouldn't use certain protocols or supplements.

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Anatomy Class

Your destination for learning the location, attachments, actions, and best ways to work out every muscle you have.

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Physiology Class

Physiology is the science of how the body works. understanding how all the parts fit together is vital to understanding how to get the results you want. Nutrition, Metabolism, Hormones, Nervous system, and even muscular phsyiology are big topics here!

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Nutrition & Chemistry Class

Chemistry is not for the faint of heart. But rest assured, I have you covered. Keep up to date here, and you will definitely know all the basics you need; from reading and understanding nutritional labels on foods, to knowing how different substances such as ordinary table salt interact with other chemicals. Knowing chemistry basics will help you understand and nail your diet!

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Project Joey

Checkout my personal progress!

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